Trophy Room

Danielle and Kim with a big Red Drum

Tom, Chris, and Craig’s Dad with a huge bull bison

Chris with two bull reds from a double hookup during the October red run

Craig with his first archery deer

Chris’ Bobcat from 2009

Craig with a prairie dog that he shot from 47 yards away with his bow

5.5′ Galveston Blacktip

Picture of a 5 man limit on opening weekend of dove season 2011. Tom, Craig, and their Dad pictured

Craig with a nice Scimitar Horned Oryx shot at over 350 yards

Josh, Craig, Justin, Chris and Chad with a 4’11” Southern Stingray

Tom, Chris, and Josh with a Southern Stingray that was over 5 feet across

Chris with a 5’6″ late Fall Bull Shark

Chris with a nice haul of Sand Bass aka White Bass, from the Angelina River

Craig with a Big Ole Largemouth Bass

Justin and Chris out Froggin’

Tom with a management elk


Tom with a Big Red Drum

Josh and Justin with a nice Blacktip


Josh with a bull Red Drum

Josh and Catherine with a fiesty Blacktip


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