Shark Fishing

What is Land Based Shark Fishing?


Some of the Lost Boys with a nice Bull Shark


Land Based Shark Fishing is one of the Lost Boys great passions. The thrill of going to the beach with nothing more than a rod, reel, and kayak and being able to land monster sharks is what drives us.


Norman Bateman with his South Texas Tiger Shark


Land Based Shark Fishing has been around for many, many years. It was made popular on the Florida and Texas coast. It has become widely popular all along the gulf coast and beyond thanks to the help you can find on the internet.

The basic explanation of Land Based Shark Fishing is that you use a kayak to deploy a large shark bait 300 to 500 (or more) yards off of the beach. The bait is anchored in place with a large weight and sits on the bottom of the ocean waiting for a shark to pick it up. When the bait is picked up, the shark will begin pulling line, which will cause the alarm on the reel to “scream”, and then we know we have a shark on!

Catch and Release

Many species of shark have been on the decline in the last century do to over fishing and finning. The Lost Boys practice strictly catch and release shark fishing. We work our best to get the sharks back into the ocean unharmed as quickly as possible. We use circle hooks, which give a higher chance that the shark will be hooked in the mouth instead of the throat or gut, so that the sharks will suffer less damage.

NOAA’s free shark tagging kit

We also participate in the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) Apex Predators Program. This is a program in which we tag our sharks before they are released. This provides valuable information about the different species numbers and migration patterns.


A couple of rods and reels

We use heavy duty rod and reel set-ups. We use the kind of gear that you would normally see used off shore to catch giant tunas. This is mainly due to needing the extra line capacity that these reels hold. We use stiff rods because of the size of the sharks that we have the potential to encounter on the beach.


Ocean Kayak Scrambler


We use a sit on top kayak to deploy baits. We ALWAYS wear a personal flotation device while kayaking. We currently use the Ocean Kayak Scrambler XT.


The Lost Boys shark fishing trailer


Our trailer is one of our favorite pieces of gear. We use it to haul all of the gear that we will need for a shark fishing trip: rods, reels, tents, camping gear, cooking gear, lights, cameras, bedding, shower, fishing tackle, etc. The top has a platform built on and a place for all of our long drop rods to go. Having the rods up high helps keep the fishing line from rubbing on sandbars and to keep sea weed off lines.


3 thoughts on “Shark Fishing

  1. will

    I remember seeing an article about guys fishing for large sharks from shore. They filled an old refrigerator with concrete and mounted an anglers chair to it. Does anyone remember this or know anything about this type of fishing

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