The Beginning…

Lost Boys Outdoors was formed in 2012.  We started out as just a bunch of friends and family, who shared the same sense of morals, humor, interest, and most of all adventure.  We come from all differnt walks of life and each of us has a little differnt role in the group, but without even one of us we would be incomplete.

We have always enjoyed hunting, fishing and the outdoors.  We also like telling stories and documenting our trips through video and film.  One day sitting around enjoying a few cold ones, we thought we should form a group.  Kind of like a club, where we could hang out, talk man talk, and really organize our trips and stories.

Thus the Lost Boy’s was born.


What do the Lost Boys do?

To put it simple we have a lot of fun in the outdoors and we want to share our experiences with the world.  We know we don’t shoot the biggest deer, catch the biggest sharks, or climb the highest mountains, but what we do, we do with a passion that we believe others will be drawn to.

We plan on bringing high quality entertaining videos of our trips to our social media sites.  We will provide reports on our latest trips and pro tips on all the gear we use.  We want our viewers to get as excited about our adventures as we are.


Where can I see more?

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Snake

    That was one nice shark.

    I like the Idea that you let the sharke go after you photograpg them

    Do you have any other outdoor activities you can share?

  2. Snake

    good blog on Shark ID.


    I know you catch Bull Sharks, how do you ID one of them


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