Bull Shark and Beach Campin’ 3/24/12

Date:  3/24/12
Report By:  Chris
Team Members:  Chris, Tom, Josh and Chad
Weather Conditions: Cold and overcast.  Water flat, wind minimal, water temp 76 degrees
We finally got to make our first trip of the year, and it turned out to be a pretty successful one!
We woke up at 5 AM Saturday morning and drove down to our favorite area of the beach. It was pretty overcast and a bit chilly, but the water was calm and completely flat after the first sand bar. Luckily we didn’t have any problem with sea weed either.

We started fishing the wade gut with some sabiki rigs tipped with dead shrimp and had action all morning. We were catching big sheeps head, good sized black drum, pompanos, and tons of whiting nonstop.
We decided to cast a few surf rods and paddle out some fresh sheepshead around 10am. We had sand trout and whiting soaking for 6+ hours on the surf rods without as much as crab claw marks on the bait. The sheepsheads hadn’t been touch either. We were getting a little discouraged.
We lost one of our lines to a boat that snagged one of our deep drop lines.  Other than that we had absolutely no action during the day.
The sun was getting ready to set around 5 PM, so we decided to put out a couple more fresh baits. We had a tiny little stingray that we decided to put on a 9/0 for fun to see if anything would happen. We also put out a couple fresh sheepsheads.
Right around dusk things started to pick up. Within 10 minutes 3 of our rods had short runs.  We started getting really excited.  Nothing happened all day and then BANGARANG!! 3 runs all at once… but then again nothing…


We sit around for about an hour and get the camp ready for the night.  We get the fire going and some good food cooking.  Right when we start to get comfortable around the fire in our folding chairs we hear the Penn Senator 9/0 start to scream. We let the fish eat the bait for about 15 seconds, tightened up that drag, and he was on. We could feel the fish doing some good head shakes and it made a few good runs, so we knew we had something big on the line. After a good 25 minute battle, we landed the fished and it was a 6.5′ bull shark. We caught him on the tiny baby stingray! We were all pretty surprised at that.
We got the shark released and them celebrated with the Lost Boys’ traditional champagne drink, Cold Duck!
Chris Posing with the Bull Shark
Chad, Chris and Tom with the Shark
Josh and Chris
Here is the ray that the bull was caught on. There wasn’t one tooth mark on it. She just inhaled it.

After that fish we stayed up a few more hours and decided to finally call it a night. Some of the sheeps had some really good bites taken out of them but nothing committed.

All in all we had a good trip and made some good memories. Our hookup rate is 100% so far this year with 1 run and 1 shark landed. Hopefully we will be able to get out there again soon before the weed stacks up.
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