San Louis Pass Bait Haul 3/4/12

Date:  3/4/12

Report By:  Chris

Team Members:  Chris, Craig, and Chad

Weather Conditions:  Sunny, cool, flat surf, no seaweed, 72 degree water

Finally made it out on the water for the first time this year.  The winter winds had been blowing constantly, churning up the ocean.  We got a good weather window this weekend where the water was the perfect temperature, the wind died down, and the sun was out, so we headed for San Louis Pass. Our goal was to stock up on some sheepsheads and stingrays.

Down here on the Texas Gulf coast the Sandbar sharks begin to come in to the surf once the water temperatures get in the mid 70 degree range.  We had a trip planned in two weeks and we were in desperate need of some big shark baits.  The sheepshead is like candy to the big sandbar sharks and they were our main target to catch this trip.

SLP Beach

We were using dead shrimp for bait.  It was some nasty, smelly, old stuff, but that is all that the bait shop had at the time. We tried a couple of different rigs with little sucess.  We kept having smaller whiting take our bait, so I decided to switch over to a heavier duty sabiki rig with 6 hooks on it and 30/20 lb test.  It worked like a charm!

We started catching lots of sheepsheads.  They are a really fun fish to catch.  They fight like heck when they are hooked and they don’t ever give up.  Craig even pulled in a good sized southern ray.  We had accomplished our goal and filled our cooler with some prime shark baits for the upcoming trip!

Unfortunately, we had to leave biting fish because we ran out of bait and our women were getting cold and restless.

All in all we ended up with 7 sheeps, 1 stingray and we threw back countless 6-8″ whiting.

SheepsheadChris with an undersized sheepshead

ChrisChadSheepChris and Chad with some Sheepsheads

Chad SheepsheadChad kissing his fish for luck

Bait Haul

Craig with a souther ray and Chris and Chad with some perfect sized sheepsheads

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